Four types of renewable energy sources for future use:

A renewable energy source is defined as energy generated from sustainable, 100% renewable sources such as wind, sun, and water. Renewable energy, or sometimes infinite energy, is so named because it can regenerate itself quickly.

There are numerous excellent renewable energy sources. And many more companies are currently adopting the technology needed to popularize renewables. The excellent news is renewables are projected to generate 40% of global demand by 2040. The four popular types of renewable energy sources are:

  • Solar energy: Solar power comes from the sun, and we are fortunate enough to have direct access to it down here on this earth. Solar panels use the photovoltaic effect to convert solar power into electricity. Solar energy can also be used after dark, thanks to power plants that store energy in batteries and fuel cells. Solar storage systems are being developed in greater numbers.

  • Wind power: Wind turbines harness the wind's energy and convert it into electricity. They convert wind energy into clean electricity for our homes. It may appear simple, but complex mechanisms are at work to convert even a gentle breeze into the power that powers our lives. Some world areas are naturally windy, making them ideal for wind farms (and kites!). Wind energy can be saved for later use. Once a turbine is operational, its operating costs are nearly zero.

  • Tidal energy: Tidal power is also a renewable energy behemoth on the horizon. The power of the sea – the rise and fall of the tides – generates tidal energy. The wave's in and out motion can generate energy. The natural surge of ocean water produces power during both the rise and fall of the tide. And because it occurs twice daily, we have four opportunities to harness that energy each day.

  • Biomass energy: Organic matter is used to generate biomass energy. Consider natural materials such as plants and crops – and because these can be grown repeatedly, biomass is a renewable source of energy.

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